Holiday of Love Premium Washington Honey Comb APITHERAPY and BEAUTY  Lotion Pop Push Sticks A Bee's View Apitherapy Lip Balm -And the Bees say.... Elegant Honey Comb Makers Poulsbo Farmers Market

Premium Washington Honey Comb

Perfectly decadent for any setting.

APITHERAPY and BEAUTY Lotion Pop Push Sticks

Compete and ready to enhance you.

A Bee's View

SRR Ranch

Apitherapy Lip Balm

Probiotic base with medicinals and beauty enhancing essential oils.

Poulsbo Farmers Market

Miss Poulsbo

Welcome to Shallow Roots Ranch, a Poulsbo Apiary.  Here we offer unadulterated bees wax products of wild Washington forage.  Experience the gifts of the forest.  Treat yourself to practical, pure, body treats that offer great value for dollar with long term benefits.

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