Grandfather with Bee Boxes


Grandfather pictured in front of his “Hospital”, the corner of the garden where he does his splits.   Notice, he is not wearing a veil.

Apiculture has been in our family for centuries.  Besides trading honey locally and to neighboring towns, Great Grandfather made candles with his wax in the early California Missions.  He is was able to transcend enemy lines during all wars that affected California during his life time 1868-1975. It’s a myth that people who eat honey live longer – or is it?  

His son, my Grandfather is currently in his mid 90’s and still is able to carry 80 lb supers across the bee yard.  He began his career in apiculture at the tender age of 5.   At one time Grandfather maintained as many as 3,000 hives (colonies). I never thought I would be the one to aspire to be the beekeeper and continue his legacy.

As always we are committed to providing quality honey to the community the old fashioned way.  We never use antibiotics we never feed our bees sugar. If food storage is low we simply make a note of it for the following year and buy some honey from a local supplier with a similar standard to feed them. Any occurring infestation are met with a holistic resolve such as Eucalyptus Oil -Just as we have always done, you have our word.  A guarantee you can taste and feel. There is nothing better than natural honey which requires a very clean environment.

In that tradition we bring Shallow Roots Ranch Apiary of Poulsbo Washington to life. A premium honey operation specializing in Rare Mono Floral Honey and Premium Skin Care Products. Discover the ancient secrets of health and beauty and the benefit of quality honey products. We are one of the few companies that manufacture medicinal topical products in combination with nutrients to the skin. Browse our shoppe and experience a gift from the forest.

-Shallow Roots Ranch.

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