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We’ve found that extra virgin organic coconut oil combined well with our bees wax and also had nutritious properties.  Additionally,  essential oils of medicinal quality are then added to create beauty and first aid lotion bars including a waterproof holistic sunscreen and Immune Support.  Replace your pills and your lotion bottles at the same time. The positive impact of this nutrient pact combination is nearly immediate.  No one believes the results!  The body absorbs our product providing nourishment to the skin directly which results in supple smooth glowing skin.  And because it works from within the skin,  you may skip moisturizing for a day and continue to have lovely skin.

Shallow Roots Ranch strives to create body care products that are safe enough to ingest. Although, we do not encourage eating our body care products at all. The only blends recommended for 1st Trimester pregnant individuals is BloeiendFairybum and Toasty Cocoa all others are safe from the 2nd Trimester.

Get ready for happy skin in 8 different blends: BeeKeeper’s Friend -inspired by Stedman’s Bee Supply,  Bloeiend, Carre’Fairybum, Goji Ji, Medi Stick, Millennium Rose and Toasty Cocoa.

All our products are made from the finest ingredients in the world and paired with the Washington State Bees Wax harvested from our family apiary and or other Washington Apiaries.  Order your Bundt in the form of a lip balm, an overnight treatment or a pushtube for your bag, suitcase or backpack today!

-Shallow Roots Ranch.

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