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Inspired by Stedman’s Bee Supply in Silverdale Washington, Our Lemon Grass Oil blend was created to discourage bee stings.  But when paired with unadulterated wax it also contains bee friendly pheromones that inhibit aggressive behavior.  Try this on your hands before putting on the garden gloves.  Moisturize, protect, hydrate and feed your hands and through your hands feed your body.  Lemon Grass Oil has also been called the “Holistic Rentin A” and has the ability to fade dark spots on the skin.  Because of the characteristic we advise not using this product on your face in days of bright sun as this could result in minor burning and or skin irritation for most people especially those with sensitve skin.


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  • Could I use this to help with the really dark circles under my eyes.

    • Welcome Carolyn:

      I thought you’d never ask. YES YES YES. It’s all about the citric acid and preparing it in a way that allows the acid to stay on your skin long enough to be absorbed. I am not a Doctor, I am not a make up artist, I am a cancer survivor who had horrible darkness under my eyes that developed after I endured chemo. I am a beekeeper who noticed that when I use beeswax that is not completely filtered and processed in a way that allows most of the existing beneficial biotics to live increased results. For best results this is the only blend I recommend using mostly at night. You will notice a difference in the morning. One day soon after that you will notice your make up is actually covering the darkness and then you will notice you look rested and are using less make up. Our products are not just cosmetic but actual nutrients for the body. Sometimes/most times nutrition is a factor in darkness under the eyes. It is about absorption and component nutrients. Beekeeper’s Friend should not be worn in full sun uncless covered by make up. I also have a beneficial biotic sunscreen that is naturally SPF 28. NO CHEMICALS NO UGLY ZINC. The source of SPF 28 is also a known as a “wrinkle popper” The “active” ingredient is Raspberry Seed Oil. Although it’s important to mention that the use of holistic bee product is the secret to these favorable outcomes. The body needs nutrients that are not available in multi vitamins to absorb. If you were to apply our sunscreen on one arm in full sun you would feel for yourself that the sun is burning your other naked arm. Because our sunscreen is wax based it’s already waterproof, cry proof and sweat proof. Thank you for your comments Carolyn!

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