Bloeiend (blu yend)


Bloeiend Website Info Label-page-001 Controversial, secretive, effective -our Immune Support Relaxation blend is our latest and most popular Topical Medicinal.

This blend is beneficial to ALL  mammals including us.  Bloeiend (Flowering in Dutch) says it all.  What ever your optimum  is prepare yourself to be just that.

Bloeiend works because it contains Organic Hemp Seed Oil a natural source for Super Omega 3’s paired with Medicinal Pink Lotus to promote relaxation and help provide arterial and respiratory  support.

Super Omega 3 s the best defense to hedge the damages and diseases caused by toxins from our modern environments.  When the body processes Super Omega 3 s the oil serves as a catalyst to release toxins.  You may experience more completeness in all body functions.  Your skin will improve, improve moisture in your mouth and eyes – your headaches and body aches may go away!

Best yet, non toxic, non psychotic and a super food.  It can be used anytime anywhere however, as a foot cream in socks at bed time is my favorite way.  I awaken with so much energy it lasts through late in the day.  If you experience head aches or mild nausea DRINK MORE WATER.   It will pass in minutes after hydrating.

Although this blend would benefit any health level, it was especially created for those who suffer from chronic illnesses.  Cancer people I am talking to you.   This blend is a bit more expensive than those in the rest of the line, yet comparatively less expensive than similar products that may not have the same results.  We think it must be the beeswax.

-With love from the Ranch.

hemp oil seedmedicinal pink lotus

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